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Delivering civil construction services across Northland, we pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for reliability and quality - every time.

Bulk Earth Moving
Bulk Earthmoving Specialists
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The foundations of the business, bulk earth-moving is an area that we have extensive knowledge and experience in. We offer a variety of methods in earth-moving services, tailored to your project and dependent on soil type and terrain.



Drainage is a strong point for KCL, we have in-house experienced, registered drain-layers allowing us to supply and lay both storm-water and sewer systems.

With leading GPS and laser equipment, we can ensure accurate and safe placement of pipelines.


We are proud to be an accredited partner with Humes Pipeline System Products . 

Humes Pipes Partner

We are proud to be an accredited Humes Pipes product partner. With experienced teams, qualified in drain-laying, whether its plastic or large scale concrete solutions - Humes is our trusted choice.



Subdivisional development is a complicated undertaking on any scale, from initial design through to selling the completed sections.

At KCL we ensure our part of the development is undertaken efficiently and effectively. We use cost saving initiatives in earth-moving through to installation of services (power/water/communications) and road corridors. 

We guarantee to save you time and money through effective strategies, while still delivering the highest quality workmanship.


Quality is of upmost importance on any job and we understand that sound Quality Assurance is a key factor. From onsite sign offs by Project Managers or implementation of Health & Safety systems to ensure a safe workplace, we promise and deliver on subdivisions. 

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We've been completing complex and crucial roading projects across the region for decades. We offer all types of road works services from general maintenance to major slip repairs and road rehabilitation.

We also undertake forestry roading, including new road construction and maintenance.


Roading is a high skill area of civil construction where a construction flaw can be a disaster.  Our expert team can design and build a roadway that will be of maximum benefit, taking all measures to ensure a flawless execution.  


Our roading projects are completed to the highest quality, built to last the test of time.



A crucial civil construction service here in Northland, our slip repair services are designed to be responsive and efficient. Assessing and planning the best possible solution to ensure the area is made safe and everyone is back on the road again as soon as possible. 



Land conversion from seemingly worthless scrub into useful farm land or residential areas, can be a challenging task.

Our senior team has extensive experience in the land development area and know just what to do when it comes to breaking in the land.

From the initial vegetation clearing, we can provide the solution of stick raking or mulching and land contouring, through to the cultivation of the land.

We use proven methods to guarantee results.

land development
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Avocado Orchard Land Contouring


Dairy Effluent management is an ongoing responsibility for farmers and with increasing legislation demanding higher standards of system this can become a major task to manage. 

The more cows, the more effluent, and the bigger the separation system needs to be.


We are proudly DairyNZ Accredited for the design and build of all types of effluent systems.

There are many aspects to consider when designing and building these systems. Every farm is unique, with different constraints and advantages. We approach every new project with one goal in mind - to provide an economical and functional system which addresses the constraints and maximizes all advantages.


We leverage modern GPS and laser equipment to assist in both design and build processes.

 This unit can provide extreme accuracy when quantifying cubic meters, enabling an accurate calculation of the cost of the soil to be shifted. It is also very useful in the building of the system reducing labour and machine hours through effective placement of soil. 


Through the use of GPS and a variety of earth-moving methods KCL can professionally design and build all effluent systems to provide an efficient and functional system

that exceeds all requirements.



We offer piledriving services in all different areas of civil construction.


From building foundations, retaining walls, house piles, slip retention and much more. Being excavator mounted helps in awkward situations where conventional pile drivers have access difficulties or in sites with confined work areas.


With an unrivaled ability to manoeuvre in tight areas and/or use its buckets to improve access to site, saving clients the cost in having to bring in another machine. Designed with a free-falling 1.5ton monkey, this is ideal in reaching engineered 'sets'.


This machine is capable of driving poles 1-10m in length and up to a small end diameter (SED) of 600mm.

pile driver.JPG


The only Long Reach north of Whangarei, our machine is a 27ton Excavator with up to 15m reach.

Suited to any type of earthworks.

  • 15m reach

  • Digging Tooth Bucket

  • 2.4m wide Weed Bucket

  • 3.6m wide Canal Cleaning Bucket

  • 8 Swamp Mats


The Long Reach has proven invaluable in projects across the region in including, river maintenance, dam construction/cleaning, stop bank construction, barge unloading, slip repair, general earth-moving and  swamp drainage. Given the length of its reach this is very effective for shifting soil efficiently, as it reduces the amount of times the material is handled.



Tree works are technical to execute and can be dangerous if not managed properly.

KCL has ticketed chainsaw operators and competent machine operators to ensure trees are removed with as little damage to the surrounding areas as possible. 

For vegetation control, we also have mulching option for smaller trees, scrub and shrub control, through excavator mounted mulchers, one for a 12-15ton machine and the other for a 20-25ton machine.


These machines are great for purpose providing a quick and effective means of removing and/or controlling vegetation.


To find out how we can make your next construction project a success,

get in touch and let's talk! 

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