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NRC Awanui River Maintenance

Winning this contract annually since 2015, KCL has had the opportunity to critique and improve its approach toward the earthmoving procedures involved.


Working with the Far North District Council for 4 years on this project, has allowed KCL to gain experience and a sound knowledge of the earthmoving entailed; Bulk Earth-works, Slip Repairs, Tree Removal, Floodgate Repairs & Stop-Bank Maintenance.

MetLife Care Oakridge Retirement Villas

Located in the heart of Kerikeri, KCL was awarded the project as the main contractor to the client - Metlife Care.


This project included; Bulk Earth-works, Drainage, Power, Water Reticulation, Communications, Roading, Kerbing, Footpaths & Street Lighting. With 35 villas of 6 Homestar Design Rating, this job was no small undertaking, taking 18 months of civil construction to complete

Landing Road Subdivision in Kerikeri

Residential Development Sub Division
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Subdivisional development has increased throughout the North, with extensive works in the Kerikeri and Bay of Islands areas.


Recent works completed by KCL at Landing Road, Kerikeri formed a subdivision to accommodate approximately 15 houses. Civil construction on this site involved; Bulk Earthworks, Mulching of Shelterbelts, Drainage and Services, Roading, Kerbing, Drive Entrances, Lighting, Construction of Rain Gardens, Erosion and Sediment Control, Removal of Stumps and Vegetation.

McDonald's Fast Food Outlets - Whangarei & Kaitaia

Working with Livingstone Builders on both projects, KCL successfully completed the civil construction works required for both Kaitaia McDonald's (2015) and Whangarei McDonald's (2016). These works involved; Bulk Earthworks, Drainage, Building Slabs, Lighting, Formation of Carparks, Footpaths, Kerbing, Sealing.

Avocado Orchard Development 

Now a hub of avocado growing nationally, there has been a recent increase of orchards being established across Northland.


KCL has expanded their knowledge and expertise in this sector, to become more prevalent in this division of civil contracting. With up to 2 years in these leading orchards, KCL offers its services of; Consultation and Design, Mulching of Shelterbelts and existing Avocado Trees, Stump Grinding, Site Contouring, Bulk Earthworks and Pan Breaking.

Avocado Orchard Land Contouring
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1.2km Boardwalk Construction  - Horeke

Completed in 2017, Horeke Boardwalk presented its own unique set of challenges.

As the longest boardwalk in New Zealand (a huge 1.2km long), KCL had to devise ways to construct this through the mudflats and mangroves of the Horeke harbour,  to connect the East to West 2-day cycling trail from Opua over to Horeke.

Civil construction included; Form cycle-way alongside of council road, form cycleway along existing stop-bank, construct 1.2km of timber boardwalk across mudflats.


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